Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make It Work

Project Runway's finale was last night. After watching the Dodgers lose to the Phillies, I was really hoping that I would be happy with at least who would win Project Runway. And I was. Go, Leanne!

It was the night of the ladies, a first for Project Runway. Leanne, Korto and Kenley all had good collections. I think that Leanne and Korto's were more cohesive than Kenley's, but Kenley still had some beautiful pieces. What I really liked about Leanne and Korto's collections were their color palettes: Leanne was more subtle with blues, whites, tans, and Korto used taupe, blues, vibrant greens. I would have been happy had Korto won, but Leanne had been my favorite for awhile. Her collection was beautiful and I loved the wave detail she used in every piece. It was really stunning.

Kenley has been annoying practically all season. Her attitude stinks: she thinks she knows everything and has been rude to everyone, including Heidi and Tim (totally uncalled for and a big no, no). At one point she told Michael Kors that she doesn't pay attention to other designers. Whoa! Yeah, Michael Kors, who cares what you're doing! When it was announced that Tim was going to step in and judge the last fashion show, Kenley's response was golden and I was so glad they showed it. She was shocked and she said "maybe I should've changed my attitude." Ya think?!? Also she has been told more than once that her outfits look like she's copying other designers, which always shocks her since she's ignorant about what other people are doing. That's part of her job as a designer. How can you be a fashion forward designer if you're not paying attention to fashion? Last night, the judges pointed out again that it looked like she was copying another designer. Finally she admitted that she needs to start paying attention to other fashion designers. Again, ya think?!? Hopefully she's finally getting it.

Anyway, I had fun watching the finale and it may be the last episode of Project Runway that I get to see for awhile. Of course, a new season wouldn't begin immediately anyway, but the next one may be delayed because of a court battle between Bravo and the Project Runway producers over a contract dispute. Allegedly the producers closed a deal to move the show to Lifetime without giving Bravo its right of first refusal to air future Project Runway seasons. A judge granted Bravo a preliminary injunction, which means that in the meantime Lifetime can't present, market or promote the show. We'll have to see what happens next. At least I'm happy with the outcome of this season of Project Runway and I can watch the reruns on Bravo of all the past seasons.

PS One day I will figure out how to post pictures.


Megan said...

Do you need a blogger tutorial? I promise it's super easy to post see the little picture looking icon in the toolbar where you're typing? Click it and you can upload any picture from your computer.

If you need more help I will show you!

Is it sad that I wanted them to keep following Kenley when she was out so I could see what I am sure was a temper tantrum?