Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

Halloween was fun! It was great to dress up like Penelope and Megan looked great as Rita Skeeter. I'm really proud of myself for pulling together my costume. I tend to get overwhelmed when working on creative projects, but I pushed through and got it done.

For Halloween Megan and I went to a church costume party. We got ready at Megan's house and it was interesting. Megan was using a set of curlers for the first time and I was using a straight iron for the first time, and both of us had good results.

The party was fun, even though we didn't know anyone, but I did see someone I went to elementary school with. A girl told me soon after we got there that she loved my costume and had wanted to dress up like Penelope. I pulled out my awesome dance moves and even got hit on by two guys, one of which asked me if I wanted to touch his sword (he was dressed like a pirate and yes, that was dirty). And later we got to see Lauren and her friend, Nicole, who worked hard in the haunted maze to scare us. So, my Halloween was a success! It's so much fun doing something different.


Megan said...

In my defense I have use curlers before but never hot rollers. I have cruly hair. That is my defense.

Stefanie said...

What I meant was that you were using that set of hot rollers/curlers (whatever) for the first time.