Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas, as a whole, was a good one for me. There was drama here and there when the extended family was together. For some reason, holidays tend to bring tension and bad feelings to the surface. I'm sure there are books written on this subject. Can't you tell they practically drove me crazy?!?

My family had a fun time opening up gifts in the morning and Abby enjoyed playing with ribbon. Everyone liked their gifts and there was a lot of laughing involved.
One thing that is always funny is how my mom fills out the gift tags. The longer she's been wrapping, the goofier they get. For example "To Stefanie, From CK (The Cool Krew)," "To Nano, From Moms and Pops," etc. They got pretty crazy.

It was a lot of fun to give out my gifts. They all went over well. Collin loved his gift, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera to catch his big smile when he realized I got him two great gifts. I got Andrew The Dark Knight on DVD and he had been quoting that movie right before he opened the gift. (He wasn't actually that excited about the gift; he's just a bit crazy!) I really like giving gifts and I'm always relieved when people like what I get them.

Our family gift was the best - a Wii and Guitar Hero. Gosh, I could play on that thing for hours at a time! I get bored easily with video games, but not this one. There are so many different things to play on it and you always feel like you're accomplishing something whether it be golf, bowling or rocking! At least you end up moving more when playing on a Wii rather than other video games. I will be working on my self discipline in the coming days because I can't make Guitar Hero my full time job.