Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Call Me the Cook

My last two days have been spent focusing on food. And no, it didn't include the "why did I eat so much" focus (well, maybe a little yesterday; I went to my grandma's so it was to be expected). This happened because I baked a bit and cooked dinner.

My mom likes to go to my grandparents' house once a week and hang out with them. Yesterday I decided to tag along and bake a chocolate chiffon cake with my grandma. It was a lot of fun. Chiffon cakes are a bit difficult, so with some missteps and a lot of laughs we finally got it in the oven. I'm glad I got to spend that time with my grandma, and, for those of you out there with a sweet tooth, the cake turned out great!

I decided not to ice the cake yesterday, but after tasting it I decided it needed icing. Since I ended up not working today, I got down to business making icing. I decided to make cupcakes as well because only half of the cake was left (due to having five brothers who eat things quickly that taste good) and a half batch of icing was too much for just the cake. Oh my, both the cake and the cupcakes are divine! It's pretty cool to have my choice of chocolate chiffon cake with fudge icing and/or French vanilla cupcakes with fudge icing for dessert. Well, after dinner I had both with some ice cream!

Oh and after all that baking I cooked dinner. Got to give my mom a break now and then. And now I need a break!


Megan said...

I want goodies!