Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've been trying to give notice at work for days. The boss has been out of the office for over a week. He was finally back today and every time I tried to catch him to give notice he was gone or in a closed door meeting, etc. I got called into another boss' office and she never seemed mad at me, but kept talking in vague generalities about being professional and on the same page as my secretary, etc. It was really strange. One thing she was talking about was my future in the firm. That made me realize that I needed to give notice immediately because I couldn't let it go any later. So I e-mailed the two bosses my resignation. I feel really strange and I'm going to have to deal with them in the morning. Also, I have a final tomorrow night that I need to study for. Unfortunately my concentration and brain cells are shot. I need a miracle!