Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Horror of a Broken Laptop

Things Gone Bad
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My laptop decided that it hated me today and more than once I felt like throwing it against a wall or just straight into a trash can. My mom gracious allowed me to hijack her laptop, which helped, but I still felt a bit helpless without my own computer to work on. It's a bit sad how dependent I've become on my computer. I'm on it for too many hours of the day looking up news, checking my e-mail, going on facebook, watching movies, etc. I felt angry, overwhelmed, anxious and helpless throughout the day, and this made me feel pretty lame.

The computer drama started this morning when I turned it on so I could work on two job applications. I was able to check my e-mail and get online for a bit, but then the computer went into standby by itself. It continued to do this every time I would get it back on. Once it did it while I was typing in my password to login to my computer. Even now I feel like throwing my laptop. Let's just say, this really set me back and I got only one of the job applications partially finished. Here's to hoping I can get it fixed or at least diagnosed tomorrow (hopefully for free).


Megan said...

What was the verdict?

Stefanie said...

The computer guy thinks my battery (which won't charge anymore) is confusing my laptop into thinking that it's about to die and causing it to go into standby. It seems to work fine when the battery is out of the laptop and it's plugged in. I'm going to use it that way and see if that was the problem. If that's its only problem, I'm so happy and relieved!