Thursday, March 5, 2009


I think this picture will overshadow my blog entry, but it's too funny to pass up and it fits with what I'm writing about.

Tonight, after I finished applying for two jobs, I went into my parents' room to get my dog. I told my mom I had circled a job to apply for but couldn't stand the thought of practicing in the area of toxic torts and asbestos litigation (sounds terrible, right?). My mom told me that this guy she works with said that I need to forget about criminal law and work in the area of water rights because that's where all the action is going to be soon. What?!? (hence the blog title :) Wow, water rights, exciting...not!!! And she kept saying it. I think she ordered me a book about the history of water in CA; I say I think because her coherency was waning (she was in bed and tired at the time). She then went on to tell me that this same guy told her that my former principal had a lumpy rug because she kept sweeping things under it. That's when I told her to have a good night. :) So, ladies and gentlemen, water rights is where you need to be!

Do you understand the picture now? Don't you say "What?" when you look at it? Well, if you don't, I do and that's why I chose it.


Megan said...

All I can say is wow. I hope your mom was in the middle of a dream or something and oulled you into it...